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  • Summary: Business Entity Distinctions

    A. Business Entity Distinctions Business entities are chosen based on three criteria: liability, taxation, and recordkeeping. The first criterion (liability) focuses on how much debt an owner is personally liable for as well as how the debt ratio affects an owner’s ability to acquire capital. In his current election as a sole proprietorship, Mr. Jones is personally liable for all debts incurred while in operation. If Mr. Jones is unable to repay business debts; his personal assets can be seized to pay back everything owed. Partnerships are like sole proprietorships when it comes to business liability except the burden falls on the shoulders of two or more individuals instead of just the sole business owner. Each individual who contributes cash…

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  • What Is Medical Entity Relationship Extraction And Search Problem?

    RELATED WORK (tx) Our PubMed entity relation extraction and search problem is related to two fields of study: Medical entity relation mining and Entity-related search system. In the medical text-mining domain, there exists some prior works about the relationship among medical entities shown in the knowledge databases[1,2]. The most popular one is Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) whose data, including relations between Chemical-Gene, Chemical-Disease and Gene-Disease. Unlike the specific…

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  • Importance Of Choosing A Business Entity

    Business Entity Choosing the Right Business Entity for Maximum Growth The legal entity that you choose for your business is one of the most crucial decisions you 'll make when it comes to realizing tax advantages that help your business grow. If you 've already established your business, it might be worth reviewing your business structure and finances with a Certified Tax Coach, and it’s always important to consider your options when starting a new company. Even though it might seem odd to…

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  • Non Profit Entity Essay

    15 Sept - Registering a Non-Profit Entity in Singapore - SGInc – Shri Ref link: http://www.sbsgroup.com.sg/incorporation/setting-up-a-non-profit-entity-in-singapore/ Registering a Non-Profit Entity in Singapore A large number of people are interested in doing their bit in the interest of society and public. Singapore allows them to register non-profit organizations (NPO) and give their efforts a legal status. Types of Business Structures  A Society  A Charitable Trust  A Public Company…

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  • Entity Theory And Financial Statements

    Financial Statements “The essence of the entity theory is that creditors, as well as stockholders, contribute resources to the firm, and the firm exists as a separate and distinct entity apart from these groups,” (Schroeder, Clark, & Cathey, 2014, p. 517). Entity Theory Income Statement: Revenues: $450,000 Cost of Goods Sold: $220,000 Gross Profit: $230,000 Operating Expenses: $64,000 Net Income: $166,000 Entity Theory Balance Sheet: Assets Equities Current Assets:…

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  • Legal Entity Engineering

    Introduction When starting a company many things must be considered. Among those is the legal entity you want your company to be. There are several legal entities, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. These will be looked at in order to come to a nal decision about what legal entity In nity Engineering will be. 2 Sole Proprietorship According to the online Entrepreneur Encyclopaedia, a sole proprietorship, by de nition, is a business that legally has no separate existence from its…

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  • Where Am I Daniel Dennett Analysis

    program he used. Initially, it is found to be a seamless transition. Dennett can switch between the two with ease and a lack of concern. However, at the end of “Where Am I?”, we see this drastically change. Due to the evolving nature of the brain the two lost their sync, thus creating a paradox between Yorick and Hubert. While Hubert may be the direct replicate of Yorick it stands as an independent entity. This lack of interdependence caused this rift the come to fruition which in turn has…

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  • Compare And Contrast Russell And Strawson

    First, if the phrases “Jeremy Wales” and “the founder of Wikipedia” both did refer to the same entity and were genuinely interchangeable, then the sentences “Wales is Wales” and “Wales is the founder of Wikipedia” should both hold identical meaning (Descriptions 175). However, this is clearly not the case – the first example is an obvious truth whereas the second seems to reveal new information to readers who may not have been familiar with Wikipedia’s history. A second issue arises when the…

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  • The Different Types Of Business And Organizational Structures

    of all losses of a business as well as if they are unwell, they have no one to depend on to run the business. Sole traders are an example of unincorporated businesses and do not have their own separate legal entity. Partnerships are the types of organization which are set up by at least two people and can have maximum of 50 partners. The partners decide and agree on how to govern the business, the activities the business will do, allocate the capital needed to set up the business. All partners…

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  • Folke Corporation Case Study

    The Franklin Business and Commerce Code §121 allows for an exception to the general rule of non-liability when a “party which acquires a manufacturing business and continues the output of its line previously manufactured or distributed by the entity from which the business was acquired.” If the Folke Corporation meets these two elements, then they can be held liable for Mr. Regan’s injuries. These two elements are: (1) “the virtual destruction of the plaintiff’s remedies against the original…

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