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  • Red Traits Research Paper

    Going from your black trait to the red ones. -Step 1: materialize the word confidence (for instance it can be assimilated to a bird) -Step 2, like the first piece of a puzzle, materialize your first listed red trait (for instance, enthusiasm can be represented by the wings of a bird). -Step 3, Focus on the change. Take 2 minutes to visualize the symbol you’ve used to represent you red character trait. See it “come to life” in front of your eyes, if this can help. -Step 4, now that you have this image fresh in your mind, it’s time to use it during the day (for instance you normally wake up feeling unmotivated. This time, use the image you’ve chosen, like the wings, for instance, and use it to reinforce the role of your red traits during the day). Answer the following questions: -Was skipping from the black traits to the red traits, easy for you (was it done instantly)? Explain. -Was it easy, to see this mental reminder (the imagery you’ve chosen for your red trait), “pop out”…

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  • Reflection Of A Physical Education Teacher

    essential when teaching physical education as it would be hard to get the point across of teaching healthy habits and how to live a healthy active lifestyle if you yourself do not follow one. My areas for improvement are basically just learning how to learn and develop some of the desired characteristics I have listed. The main undesired characteristic that I do need to work on are my organizational skills. I do not see myself as an unorganized person; however, I know there is plenty of room…

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  • Orrin Klapp Definition Of A Hero Essay

    Throughout time, “heroes” have come and gone each leaving their mark on the world around them. A sociologist, Orrin Klapp, has noticed trends and patterns in how we as a society define our heroes and how we follow them. In the example of entertainers, he said it was their “box office (ability)” (Klapp 54) that brings in their fans and that can in turn lift them to the status of heroism. I feel it is not just the natural ability of the entertainer that elevates them to the status of hero but also…

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  • Flagging Enthusiasm Analysis

    1. She produced sketches of children and pets. That were turned into greeting cards. 2. She really did want to attend the Christmas party, but changed her mind when she saw that Mary was there. 3. In "Flagging Enthusiasm," Quinn Eli states that "no amount of flag-waving will comfort us in the end." (222) In "Flagging Enthusiasm," Quinn Eli states that "no amount of flag-waving will comfort us in the end" (222). 4. Uncle Chuck used to drink a little before he took English 099 now…

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  • The Differences Of Enthusiasm And Content Knowledge

    Enthusiasm vs. Content Knowledge If universities and local school boards were to genetically modify new and upcoming teachers, would those groups max out the attributes of teachers being enthusiastic towards learning and students or teachers that are content knowing fanatics? During my teacher interview, Mrs. Sell (yes, my lovely mother) questioned the methods of first year teachers. She is concerned that brand new teachers are only concerned about being content knowing robots. My mother is a…

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  • Curb Your Enthusiasm Analysis

    Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Over Flow's with Conflict Larry David is the co-creator of the highly famous television series "Seinfeld". Mr. David is also the sole creator of the hit HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" which is loosely based on his life (Larry David, 2016). Episode one of season 1 titled, "The Pants Tent" has a very good example of conflict resolution. Sometimes Getting to Our Seat Can Cause a Conflict Every episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is a treasure trove of…

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  • The Joy And Enthusiasm Of Reading By Rick Moody

    Over the last twenty years, reading in America has drastically changed. The essays, “How to Mark a Book” by Mortimer Alder and “The Joy and Enthusiasm of Reading” by Rick Moody, both address how the use of books changes during your life. I feel that the way Americans read has changed since these essays were written. In today’s technology driven world, reading and interacting with a book does not require “cracking a spine” of a traditional book. Today more and more Americans read “books” on…

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  • Character Analysis: Modern Family

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a television sitcom starring, and created by Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld. The show revolves around him, and an average day in the life of Larry David. Much like Seinfeld, it can be called “A show about nothing”. Each episode consists of Larry getting himself into trouble due to his lack of social skills. While this show seems as if it is a lighthearted comedy show, it shows a great change for couples in the world of sitcoms. The roles of men and women within…

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  • Aristotelian Virtue Analysis

    Aristotelian virtues. Then I will give an Aristotelian analysis of enthusiasm and trust as two personal virtues in our time and place. According to Aristotle, virtue, or, specifically a virtue of character, is a state, a disposition of a person to have appropriate feelings and actions “in relation to the right person, in the right amount, at the right time, with the right aim in view, and in the right way.” It is the disposition to hit 1) a golden mean between two extremes, that is, a condition…

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  • Perseverance In Leadership

    To successfully fill a leadership role, one must not want to simply control people, nor should one yearn for power, rather they should feel a necessity to guide people and coach them thoroughly. To be a leader is not the equivalence to a boss, the qualities and characteristics differ immensely. Exhibiting leadership must involve the ability to effectively communicate, display perseverance, and, among many other things, show a genuine enthusiasm. Communication is vital to any situation, but to…

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