The Differences Of Enthusiasm And Content Knowledge

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Enthusiasm vs. Content Knowledge If universities and local school boards were to genetically modify new and upcoming teachers, would those groups max out the attributes of teachers being enthusiastic towards learning and students or teachers that are content knowing fanatics? During my teacher interview, Mrs. Sell (yes, my lovely mother) questioned the methods of first year teachers. She is concerned that brand new teachers are only concerned about being content knowing robots. My mother is a type of teacher who will respect all students while expecting and requiring all to strive for gold. Ever since my teacher interview, I have had the question of what kind of teachers are “better” or “more successful”. Which are better; teachers that are enthusiastic or tremendously smart teachers? One of my biggest fears is having future students who do not respect or relate to me. Anyone can thoroughly learn a specific content area, but to be enthusiasm seems like an adoption of a new way of life. That is the reason I think so highly of my mother, I want to be an enthusiastic and fun-loving teacher. So what defines an enthusiastic teacher? According to, “This kind of teacher becomes …show more content…
“The best teachers are not always, not even usually, those teachers with the most sophisticated content knowledge” (Weimar, 2007). That is why my mother is concerned with most upcoming teachers. She feels that first year teachers prioritize content and will have their classroom centered around content. Teachers and students do not have to be best friends, but there should a relationship that promotes a positive work ethic and respect. I am so excited for the day I can come to school and talk sports or current information with my future students. Enthusiasm is an amazing tool to connect with students, therefore, leading to success and happiness in education. Enthusiastic teachers are less likely to become frustrated or burnt out with

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