What Are Some Of The Essential Elements Of Making Bell Work In The Classroom Case Study

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1) What are the essential elements of making bell work ("do now," sponge activity, etc.) effective?
The essential elements of making bell work effective is to have an assignment ready for the students daily, make sure your students know where bell work will be kept, and that the students know what they are supposed to do on the assignment.
2) What is meant by, "The textbook is not the curriculum." How do effective teachers use the textbook? How do ineffective teachers use the textbook?
“The textbook is not the curriculum” means that it is meant to be used as a tool to enhance the learning environment. It is not meant to be followed step by step, page by page. Each student, class, and year is different so the teacher must engage the students
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The volume of the classroom elevates extremely quickly if the teachers is calling out each student’s name and they are answering, minutes of valuable classroom time are being wasted, many students sit their bored while roll is being called, and possible tension builds up between the teacher and students on who is absent or not.
2) Visualize what you would like your students (now or in the future) to be doing and what you will be doing each day so that roll taking can be more efficient and you can start your class on time.
I would like to have daily folders that need to be returned to class day and while the students are doing their morning work, I will be able to take this time to check each student’s folder for any parent notes, etc. During this process, I will call the students up to my desk when their folder is checked. They get a ticket from me if their parent signed their folder. In the folder bucket, I will also have a clothes pin with everyone’s name on it. When they take their folder, I place the clip on the folder bucket. This will one by one show me which student is absent without asking my students who is here or not. The school that I am student teaching at also does not require roll to be done until 9:30am and school starts at 7:45. A brief bell rings to remind the teachers that it is time to do their roll each
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Now, there is more that goes into grading than a wrong or right answer. For example, in math the answer can be wrong, but the process that the student took is correct so they might get partial credit for their answer. On a writing assignment, they might get points off for punctuation, but a high grade due to the content that the student wrote. In my 5th grade class, the teacher will go over the answers of homework/classwork as a whole and the student will correct and grade their own paper with a red pen. This is extremely different than the way that grading was conducted years ago.
2) What are some pros and cons of using a traditional grade book? What are some pros and cons of using an electronic grade book?
A traditional grade book is a lot harder to obtain and average of the class or what the class scored on a particular question on a math test. You also will have to be flipping through several pages in a traditional grade book, which can be time consuming. However, you are able to record more information in a traditional grade book. You have the freedom in a sense to decide how you are going to set up the grade

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