Conceptualization Of Learning My Philosophy Of Teaching

Statement of Teaching Philosophy
1. Conceptualization of Learning My teaching philosophy has come from my own personal experience with education. Many, many years of learning, teaching and understanding the importance of education. Therefore my mission as an educators is as follows. I am here to promote learning in a positive form. I am here to encourage students to be motivated to learn. As well, I am here to provide a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Motivating learning through problem solving and critical thinking exercises to improve student’s level of awareness and understanding. This philosophy of teaching statement reflects my core belief that learning and teaching is best accomplished through positive collaboration
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We often hear that students go to school to learn. Yet how often do we hear that teachers are also there to learn. In a good learning situation, everyone is learning something. Learning is a fundamental part of life. We should take it very seriously and give it our best effort. The learning process for students depends solely on the satisfaction and ability of the educator.
2. Conceptualization of Teaching Teaching is so much more than just a career we chose so we can pay the bills. In fact teaching is probably one of the most underpaid jobs in the world. Teaching is a journey that if we chose to take, we can gain a great self of satisfaction from. When we enter into the classroom every day and prepare our lesson plans, we are doing more than just repeating material from a book. We are sharing our personal knowledge with those who will one day control the world. We put a little piece of ourselves in every student we encounter. Whether or not we actually influence them is up to the student. Therefore we must make every possible effort to make a huge impact on their lives each and every
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The primary focus of teaching is content knowledge, but in all actuality, it is so much more than just that. I believe all of life is our classroom, so we are all learning and teaching every moment of our life. My mission as a teacher is to provide students concrete and operational information and/or skills through team work to solve problems. I expect high quality work, responsible behavior, a safe and positive learning environment, and encourage life-long learning practices in all areas of life. 3. Goals For Students The goals that I have for my student are numerous. I hope that they not only take in the knowledge I am trying to pass on to them, but that they also use it. The optimal goal is that I can provide a safe, secure, optimal conditions for the desired learning to take place in the set amount of time offered for teacher/student interactions. Another goal is that I am able to motivate the students to set, and work towards their own set of goals. Furthermore my goal is that I can help students achieve academic success, increase their motivation to achieve, increase their pride and satisfaction in their own performance, as well as improve their self-confidence. If I am able to meet, and exceed in these goals, then teaching becomes that much

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