The First Days Of School Book Analysis

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The First Days of School
To begin, the book The First Days of School discussed the aspects of an effective teacher. The authors stated the characteristics of an effective teacher, discussed the importance of communication with families, and the importance of the way the classroom is organized and ran. The authors gave tips of how to set up procedures and routines beginning on the first day of school, and they also provided real life examples of teachers and their recommendations for new teachers running a classroom. Overall, this book stressed the importance of the attitude, organization, and atmosphere that a teacher creates during their first week and beyond in the classroom.
Additionally, there were four main themes that I noticed as I read The First Days of School. These themes were how to be an effective teacher, teaching student responsibility, collaboration, and assessment. The first theme being an effective teacher was discussed in each section of the book. The author began the discussion by noting
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Since an effective teacher sets procedures in the room such as what to do when a pencil breaks or how to ask to go to the restroom the students understand what is expected of them in almost every situation. There is less time spent on procedural tasks, so there is more time on learning. The goal is to have students be able to run the classroom even if the teacher is not there. Other aspects the authors discussed about teaching student responsibly were holding them accountable for their work and actions. They can also be awarded for certain behaviors through the teachers preferred reward system such as a prize box. Overall, the students are aware of what is expected of them and are more willing to complete academic tasks when the teacher sets the expectations and the students are aware of all of their

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