Essay On Classroom Management Philosophy

Classroom Management Philosophy and Plan

Philosophy of Classroom Management I believe that classroom management is essential in any academic environment. If students are in a safe environment than learning can commence. Classroom environment is also student and goal oriented which means all variables for an effective classroom revolves around the students and their particular goals. I want the students to partake in their learning process. The main goal is to have a classroom where behavior problems are at a minimum and maximize students’ engagement to the curriculum. As the teacher, I am committed to unlock the students potential in order for students to showcase their developed skill sets to the real world. Without a classroom that is organized with instilled discipline then it will be difficult for students to
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In addressing the behavior of the students, the teacher must utilize least confrontational and effective methods possible to minimize student behavior. The teacher is never allowed to lay hands on the students. The teacher must also recognize the student’s actions may be caused by his or her need rather than something intentional. It is up for the teacher to utilize its resources and its strengths in order to create a well balanced classroom rather than cacophony.


Teachers are acknowledged as role models for the students. It is critical for teachers to implement the expectations for the students. Teachers must practice what is presented as a school in general. There is an expectation for the teacher as well. It is encouraged for teachers to take notes and jot down where they can become more of an effective instructor for students. By doing so the teacher will realize what is working and what is not. This will help the teacher in improving their classroom management

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