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  • Importance Of Lesson Plan

    This process was significant for me because it helped me to see how lesson planning is vital when it comes to the teaching-learning process. Allowing me to properly plan ahead helped me to stay organized and keep on track, thus allowing me to teach more. Not only that, I was able to help students reach objectives more easily and spend less time on managing the classroom. This provided me to have a coherent framework for effective teaching, to be more confident when delivering the lesson, and helping me plan for future adjustments I need to make to cater to all types of learners. I was deeply involved in the designing, implementing, and evaluating of my lesson. Before designing my lesson plan, I asked my Mentor what his students struggled with the most. His reply was reading comprehension…

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  • Transgression Lesson Plan

    Component A Expected learner outcome: This lesson plan is designed for year 7 students and introduces the concept of variables / pronumerals, like and unlike terms in algebra ("Mathematics Years 7-10 Syllabus," 2003, p. 82-83). By the end of this lesson students should be able to distinguish between like and unlike terms and know how to perform an addition or subtraction involving these terms. Describe the lesson: In this lesson, the teacher introduces the concept of variables and develops the…

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  • Memory Lesson Plan

    often unable to focus on what is being taught or they simply get too tired to pay attention. Students with memory issues are unable to remember how to do things, or facts and concepts they have been taught. For both vital skills I have developed a lesson plan that will assist my students with both attention and memory building. The lesson I chose is teaching my students about shapes and location. This lesson will be split up into two days to help my students with attention and memory. The…

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  • Effective Lesson Plan Essay

    Having an effective lesson plan should be one of the most important things that every teacher should strive to have. When teachers have an effective lesson plan it provides them with a guide for teaching a lesson. This allows for the least amount of distractions because having a lesson plan keeps teachers on track. It also allows for teachers to track students’ progress. Teachers can also set and achieve goals that they want their child students to learn by writing it down in their lesson plans.…

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  • How To Critique A Lesson Plan

    A lesson plan was written up for a Year 5 Humanities and Social Science lesson covering the curriculum content, why people work in groups to achieve their aims, and how they can express their shared beliefs and values and exercise influence (ACHCK027) (Australian Curriculum, n.d.). The completed lesson plan was then emailed to three peers and the unit tutor. The peers and tutor were to review and provide constructive feedback on how the lesson plan could be improved. Through the process of…

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  • Lesson Plan For Student Learning

    Yet, this brings up the next problem, a poorly designed lesson for any student with disability or trouble learning. This lesson plan’s attempt at prompting student learning is great in theory, but real classrooms would never be able to execute it. The main reason, is again its lack of thought for students with learning issues or even students not comfortable with the English language. To make this more simply put, if any part of the grade depends on students truly understand the information they…

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  • Outline Of Assignment: Lesson Plan

    Lesson Plan Information Name: Canny Rendon School Name: Stirling Elementary Grade Level: Second Grade Class/Group Size: Four students Subject Area: Language Arts/Reading Lesson Plan Topic: Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan Title: Looking for Story Elements and Central Message Time Frame: 45 minutes Learner Profile: This group is made up of four-fifth graders, who are ESE students and they are reading at 2nd grade level. This group consists of two females, and two males. Standards Benchmark…

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  • Lesson Plan Task Analysis

    Teacher-Centered Teacher-centered instruction/planning is strategies that reflect direct instruction to students. The lesson planning for teacher-centered comes from behavior objectives, task analysis, and instructional taxonomies. Bloom’s taxonomy classifies educational objectives into three domains: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. For the instruction part of this system, it can be done in three different ways, advance organizers, expository advance organizers, and comparative advance…

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  • Civic Lesson Plan Sample

    Civics Lesson Plan Elementary Social Studies Methods Summary: • Students will learn about their community’s government and leaders. Throughout the lesson, students will engage in discussions and be visited by an elected local government official. Students will also conduct their own research to learn more about their local government. Learning Context: • This lesson is designed for third grade and fits in with our community, as our government officials are part of our local community. •…

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  • Examples Of An Effective Mathematics Lesson Plan

    What is an Effective Mathematics Lesson Plan? An effective mathematics lesson plan entails a teacher beginning with opening activities that will activate learner’s prior knowledge of the subject. The teachers will present clearly defined objectives and the reason why students need to learn the lesson. This will help students as well as teachers to concentrate on the important aspects that are implicated within the lesson. Additionally, teachers should choose problems that promote learning and…

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