Effective Lesson Plan Essay

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Having an effective lesson plan should be one of the most important things that every teacher should strive to have. When teachers have an effective lesson plan it provides them with a guide for teaching a lesson. This allows for the least amount of distractions because having a lesson plan keeps teachers on track. It also allows for teachers to track students’ progress. Teachers can also set and achieve goals that they want their child students to learn by writing it down in their lesson plans. In order to have an effective lesson plan there has to be five components. These components are explicit instruction, teacher modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and monitoring progress. During explicit instruction the teacher clearly …show more content…
During guided practice the ultimate goal for the teacher is that the student is able to use the reading skills and comprehension processes that they were taught to comprehend text independently. Before students are able to do this though, teachers do guided practice to provide students time to practice a concept or skill that they were taught with support from their teacher. Effective questioning is important during this part of the lesson to make sure that students master the skills and concepts that they were being taught. During this time the teacher releases the responsibility of thinking to the students in a gradual process. This part also allows the teacher to determine if they need to reteach portions of the lesson.
The next part of an effective lesson plan is independent practice. This is when students work independently. This part allows students to review skills and concepts that they have learned. This is a very important component of a lesson plan because if students are going to remember where or how to do something they must be given the opportunity to practice the skills or concepts on their own. Independent practice can be in the form of a homework assignment or even a worksheet that they student must complete by

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