My Experience In My Journey At Cal Baptist University

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As I started my journey at Cal Baptist University in the fall of 2014 I was excited to start working on a degree that would help me accomplish what I wanted to do in the future, my counselor had registered me for my first classes with the early childhood program. I can still remember the day that I first went to orientation for a transfer students, since I had previously went to a community college I was able to get most of my general education classes out of the way and start to focus on the core classes of my degree. As I walked on campus with my mom I felt very welcomed and was able to truly feel like I belonged at the school. As I walked around the campus with my counselor for a tour I could feel that Spiritual feeling that I have been longing to have. It was almost as if I was in the right place and it was my journey God had set for me in life. I was able to feel like Cal Baptist would allow me to live my purpose.
With my work
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At times I struggles with writing the lesson plans because as an adult I forgot how a child thinks so with the help of observations and interactions I was able to get back into a mindset of a child and design a lesson plan or activity a child would not only feel excited to learn but also being able to learn something new.
When I first enter Cal Baptist I was set in a certain mindset that only allowed me to think one way but as time went us I was challenged to think outside of the box not only through education classes but also spiritual. I feel that my two years spent at Cal Baptist has allowed me to development not only as a future education but as a person who has found their purpose in the

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