My Personal Goals In Teaching Early Childhood Education

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My Professional Philosophy Statement

My personal belief, in regards to teaching early childhood education has three primary components. First of all, I believe it begins with creating a safe and caring atmosphere for young children to learn. Secondly, as an early childhood educator I also place a value on teaching a child developmentally appropriate practices. Finally, making an effort to teach about a child’s family culture, values, beliefs, or expectations assists me to make their experience meaningful through family involvement. I have a goal to establish a learning competence within each individual child by providing these factors. Families allow early educators to care for their children and want them to have pleasant experiences when
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These five domains consist of physical, cognitive, language, emotional, and social learning. My lesson plans start with objectives in mind when meeting all these developmental domains. My goal is to create activities that encourage a child to identify what the lesson involves, discuss openly the child’s perspective, deduce the content of the lesson, and apply the knowledge learned. I also believe that all children need the opportunity to make their own choices, even the choice to participate in learning. With this in mind, planning activities to keep the children engaged is of great importance to me. A crucial component when leading engaging activities is my approach to learning. I consider myself to be optimistic about learning, and set that example to the children when introducing a new lesson. When inviting the children to participate I want to remain on task and enthusiastic. A child can learn to model this approach to learning as well. This type of positive modeling can also impact the families of the children as well.
Other important aspects of my role in the lives of children, is the ability to reach out to their families as well. Positive reciprocal relationships are also essential for the development of personal security, and family involvement assists in the continuum of a child’s learning. I believe what I can teach in the classroom, can also be taught
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The first important factor is maintaining a safe learning environment. Children are adventurous and curious at heart so it’s critical to assure their safety at all times. The second key factor incorporates a child’s curiosity through developmentally appropriate practices that are essential when teaching lesson plans. Allowing the child’s inclination when discovering new concepts gives them a sense of autonomy as well as accomplishment, and nurtures their development in all five domains. Most importantly, creating reciprocal relationships with each family encourages each child’s sense of worth and belonging. By following this philosophy of teaching, I hope to instill, not only a child’s ability to learn, but also the competence of what they learn so that they become successful in their future educational

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