My Career Goals For Early Childhood Education

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Career goals for the next five to ten years
My career goal for the next five to ten years is already in progress. A year and a half ago, I began my new career with the Division of Child Development in Early Education (DCDEE) within the health and human services department. By utilizing my first steps in obtaining my ultimate professional SMART goals, I planned by the age of 36 years of old, I would transition from my non-profit career within technical assistance and quality enhancement to consultation and enforcing minimum licensing standards at the DCDEE. I always envisioned my career ladder after my nine years service of technical assistance and training, to become a licensing consultant for the State of North Carolina. I created a professional
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My career experiences within the EC field created an understanding of how dynamic professionals, families, and children can have on early childhood education. My professional philosophy derives from my awareness and compassion on how we should encourage all children to develop and achieve different developmental milestones regardless of the variety of variables and circumstances that they may or may not have control over. As an early childhood professional who has worked within this field for the past 15 years, I endured a multitude of every changing professional that are on their way towards creating a profession that everyone can rely on and respect. Those teachers leaving their footprints on how we handle certain situations, how we work with families and how strong/loud our voices should be. As I continue to lead and grow within this profession, I believe the lives that I impact with the early childhood knowledge I have gained knowledge of will help make this great profession and continue to include research that will be of benefit to the early childhood …show more content…
As I am monitoring assigned programs it is my duty to not just make sure they are maintaining minimum requirements, but filtering in information that will be beneficial for the children they care for and the families they serve. I also plan on providing professional development opportunities to help build on teacher’s knowledge about children’s development; support in using assessment and evaluations with young children; utilizing teacher’s ability to facilitate their different teaching style; and opportunities for every EC professional to have a voice to advocate for quality care for all

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