Personal Philosophy Of Early Childhood Education

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Personal Philosophy
I believe that all children are unique and bring their own knowledge and experiences to any educational environment. I believe the early childhood environment is a place for children to be free agents to; develop, learn, grow and express themselves, while having the confidence and respect they as a person are entitled to. Furthermore I also belie that all children have the right to learn and their learning be abundant with experiences, knowledge and quality, as well as feeling a sense of belonging to their community and learning environment. These beliefs are important to my teaching and my philosophy of early childhood eduction.

The learning environment
As an educator the learning environment I create within the early
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My practices as a teacher to help in facilitating children’s learning will take an approach of a co-constructing from both myself as an educator and the children as learners. We will work together to find and experience new ways of learning through many different modes and environments. In order for the co-constructed learning to occur effectively, strong relationship will need to be created(REF). To keep these relationships between myself and the children effective and respectful, I as an educator will be respect each child’s uniqueness and the funds of knowledge they bring to the centre from their …show more content…
I strive to help co-construct this environment with the children allowing them to develop a voice to be heard of their needs and to feel the confidence to be individual in their learning.

My role as an early childhood educator is to provide meaningful relationships and links to the families and communities within and outside the centre. That I make use of the resources and knowledge the community and families have to offer to help enrich the children 's learning and experiences.

My goal as a teacher is to respect the diversity and uniqueness of each child, making sure that each student is apart of co-constructing the learning experiences, knowledge and the environment we create as a group.
As an early childhood educator I seek to make sure I model the respect, confidence and acceptance that I would like my students to achieve throughout their learning and interaction with others. I as a teacher want to provide an environment that each child feels they belong to and has a connection

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