My Philosophy Of Early Childhood Education

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Early years of childhood have widely been recognised as the most important years of learning and development. “Research have shown the importance of these years to learn and acquire new skills” (DEECD, 2010), which have assigned a great responsibility to the educators working with the young children. As an early childhood educator, I feel that it is my responsibility to provide the high quality learning environment for the young children to learn, acquire and develop social, emotional, academic and technological skills. The following paper contains my philosophy statement, which includes my values and professional knowledge in relation to children, teaching and learning in early childhood education. Connor defines philosophy as “it can be used …show more content…
The early childhood environment then becomes “a place for collaborative learning supporting diversity and difference through respecting each child’s equal right to participation” (Thomas, n.d.) Therefore, the early childhood education needs to encompass diversity into the classroom. I believe in equality and respect to all the children and families regardless of the diversity and differences. I will provide equal access and participation of all the children into the curriculum. My goal during teaching will be to see children learning or achieving something, participating in the learning experiences, interested to learn and ask …show more content…
Vygotsky stresses “the importance of social interaction in the development of cognition” (McLeod, 2014). I believe that children learn best with the interaction with others. They co-construct their learning through this interaction. I will facilitate children’s learning by engaging them in group activities and experiences. Also, I will scaffold their learning by facilitating their learning process with timely help and guidance. I also believe in developing trusting relationship with the young children in accordance with Bowlby’s attachment theory. Bowlby considered the secure attachment as the basis of learning and development as young children this attachment provides “safety and security” (McLeod, 2009) to the young children. I will develop this circle of safety and security by understanding children’s needs.

In conclusion, as a teacher, I consider myself as an important person in children’s learning and development. My aim is to provide a safe and secure environment to children and families. I trust in working collaboratively with the colleagues, families and communities to create a high quality learning environment for children. I acknowledge the importance of attending the seminars, workshops, online discussions and professional development to enhance my knowledge and skills to provide a rich, open-ended, culturally diverse environment for children and

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