How Has Your Understanding Of Teaching Changed This Semester?

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My Philosophy of Education¬

Part I:
1. How has your understanding of teaching changed this semester? What examples can you give about what you used to know/think and what you think now? I feel that I have gained a better understanding of teaching this semester and have learned several new techniques and strategies that I plan to use now and in the future. Through this class, I have learned about making better choices, the value of play and how to plan activities that are challenging but reachable for the age and stage of the children in my care. I used to think that play was important but that it was not teaching much to children. I viewed it as a fun time and that learning came from worksheets and flash cards. I now know that through
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I will work hard to have a partnership with the families of the children in my care. I learned this semester that there are many ways to open the lines of communication and involve parents in their child’s learning process. One way is to create two-way communication is by having regular parent-teacher conferences. “More effective conferences promote two-way communication (Hanhan & Kartoshkina, 21012). Teachers not only provide parents with information about their child’s progress but also listen to what parents say about their child’s development and learning” (Bredekamp, pg. 224). I think this should be done every day through daily progress reports, email communication or by taking the time to chat with parents during drop off or pick up times. Building good relationships with open communication will help promote and enhance the well being of the children and families we work …show more content…
As a devoted mother of three, I can tell you what a positive learning experience means to me. It means each child is given individual attention, treated with care and gentleness, and provided all the opportunities to reach their full potential. Children are natural learners and need a rich learning environment that encourages them to develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. I will challenge each child to be the best version of themselves. My learning environment will foster building trust and communication and will develop the tools to grow a strong sense of self. We will learn that the differences we share are what make us special and that everyone whether young or old, rich or poor, black or white is treated with kindness and respect. I will respond to each child’s specific needs. I will take the time to get to know all of my children as individuals. They will know that I am here for them, have time for them and will always be here to listen to them. My families will feel welcomed and important in the classroom. I will listen carefully to the individual needs of each family and we will work collectively to ensure the success of their

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