Pedagogical Knowledge: Strengths And Weaknesses

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1. Discuss your pedagogical content knowledge. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
As a teacher in the public school for over 5 years, I have gained hands on knowledge that has increased my pedagogical knowledge as an Early Childhood/Special Educator. I understand that attending college in the profession of education does not prepare you for every teaching experience that you will encounter, but it will guide in the right direction to handle or learn how to handle different teaching situation. As an educator, I have learned that collaboration between the school and home is very essential to building the learning ability of my students. I realized that parents are willing to help with their child’s learning process if you ask and show them
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Discuss your skills as a teacher. Discuss one area where you could serve as leader in your school. I use different skill as a teacher such as time management skills, communication skills, classroom organizations, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.
Communications skills are used daily in teaching not only to present information, but to build a relationship with my students. Although our daily schedule is provided for us, I still have to use good time management skills to insure instructional time is used wisely and productive for the students. Teachers have to solve problems daily and sometime we are even on a timeline for our answer. We have to answer questions from our students and there are times when their questions are difficult to answer. I sometimes have to get back with them to answer their question professionally. Then we have to deal with writing lesson plans, collaborating with co-workers, and attending meetings sometimes within the same day. This requires the use of good organization skills. I take on the enjoyment of creating fun and extracurricular activities that involves collaboration between the school, parents, and community. I could serve as a leader over the planning committee within my school. As a leader over this committee, I would plan an event for each month. These events will focus on our students learning progress, but they won’t be in the traditional way of direct instruction from the teacher. Technology will be included as much as possible.
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They are willing to attend professional development to help build upon skills for the benefits of their students’ learning. Effective teacher understand that their class is a group of students with individual needs different cultural backgrounds. Effective teachers understand that they cannot take on this task alone. They open up different avenues of communication for parents and are willing to collaborate with the community. Effective teachers work on ways to maximize instructional time. They keep up with the trends of today so that they can relate instruction to their students

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