Education Should Be Familiarized With Important Concept Of The Hispanic Culture

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Florida ESOL educators should be familiarized with important concept of the Hispanic culture. “The more you learn about where your students come from, the easier your job will become” (Mora, 2007). The Hispanic culture is one of the highest population in an ESOL community. Many students come from this background. Educators should learn the culture in order to be able to help their students. It is important for educators to be aware of key concepts about students who come from the Hispanic culture.

It is essential for Florida educators to become aware of the Hispanic culture’s behavior and customs. The more knowledge the instructor gain in this area the more they will be able to help the students. They will be able to understand why
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It is very important for teacher to inform parents of the child’s progress periodically. Inform parents what they can do to help the child at home. In order for a child to be successful in school he or she needs the help not only of the teacher, but of their parents as well.

Furthermore, another important concept teacher should know about the Hispanic culture is religion and celebration. Not all children practice the same religion nor do they celebrate the same holidays. Therefore, it is important for teachers to refrain from any religious celebration.
Students can feel very uncomfortable if they don’t participate in certain activities.

In addition, “Teachers should allow their Hispanic students to trust them, which would fully engage the children in the learning process” (Jimenez, 2006). Trust is very important.
Educators should gain the trust from their students. They should develop a trust relationship with their students. Allow their students the confidence to be able to approach them. Educators can make a difference in a child’s life. In order to make a difference in a child’s life, teachers must be a good example. They must be able to be there for their students at all times. Many
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Learning a new language is not easy and can become challenging. Therefore, it is essential for teachers to be patience with the students. Let them know that they are there for them. Be a good support, encourage and help them at all times.
Understandable is another important key factor. I would need to be understandable teacher to the students. Be able to understand the students’ situations at all times. I would make the classroom as friendly as possible. I would decorate the classroom with Hispanic culture to make the students feel comfortable. Bring some Hispanic culture into the classroom to help the students feel at home. This will make the learning process easier. It is important for teachers to be good
ESOL educators. Always willing to assist the students and parents at all times. Always be patient and understanding. Give as many resources and materials to help the students with the curriculum. Teachers should engage in teacher- parents’ conference to help the students.
Educator’s main focus should be the students. Therefore; teachers should devote themselves to give their very best in the education field. Always be willing to help and encourage. Be a

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