Importance Of Instructional Outcomes

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Perspectives and Preparation
• 1b. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students o I believe that knowing your students skills, interests, culture, and learning style is imperative to being able to effectively teach each student.
• To do this I will have individual meetings with each of my students once a quarter. During these meetings I will get to know them on a personal level, and they can ask me questions about myself, or any concerns they have in the class or at home. I will also, design my lessons so that they meet the interests, culture, and learning styles and strengths of my students.
• 1c. Setting Instructional Outcomes o I believe that in order for instructional outcomes to be met they must be clear, sequential, and adapted for diverse learners.
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When my students know my expectations, then they will be more willing to follow them. I will also make sure that the students know the consequences when they do not meet my expectations. The consequences will always be fair and equitable. I will also ensure that my expectations are reasonable and that I am always willing to help my students reach my expectations.
• 2e. Organizing Physical Space o I believe in having a room that is safe and accessible to all students, as well as a room that is inviting and organized.
• To do this in my classroom, I will ensure that my tables are adequately spaced that a person in a wheelchair can easily maneuver between them. Also, I will have decorations in my room, but only enough to make the room inviting, and not too many to be a distraction. Finally, I will ensure that all resources that my students will need are in an area that is easily accessible to all of them.
• 3a. Communicating With Students o I believe in communicating my expectations, directions, and content to my students through a variety of contents in a way that is clear and

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