Perspectives And Preparation: Demonstrating Knowledge Of Students

Perspectives and Preparation
• 1b. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students o I believe that knowing your students skills, interests, culture, and learning style is imperative to being able to effectively teach each student.
• To do this I will have individual meetings with each of my students once a quarter. During these meetings I will get to know them on a personal level, and they can ask me questions about myself, or any concerns they have in the class or at home. I will also, design my lessons so that they meet the interests, culture, and learning styles and strengths of my students.
• 1c. Setting Instructional Outcomes o I believe that in order for instructional outcomes to be met they must be clear, sequential, and adapted for diverse
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Communicating With Students o I believe in communicating my expectations, directions, and content to my students through a variety of contents in a way that is clear and concise.
• To do this in my classroom, I will always communicate my instructions orally and visually. This will ensure that various types of learners understand my instructions. I will also, avoid using unnecessary words that will confuse my directions, expectations, or content.
• 3c. Engaging Students in Learning o I believe in having activities and assignments that are interactive and valuable; as well as materials and resources that improve learning and understanding.
• To do this in my classroom, I will always add variety to my lessons. I do not want my lessons, or activities to be predictable to my students. Also, I will try to incorporate visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learning practices into each lesson. When you incorporate all types of learning styles your students are more likely to be engaged. I will also use a variety of resources, but only when they will enhance my students
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• To do this in my classroom, I will monitor my student’s progress throughout the lesson with the use of formative assessments such as questioning or a windshield check. If I realize that my students are lost, confused, or bored, I will adjust my lesson to meet the needs of my students. Also, I will provide all of the additional assistance that my students need in order for them to succeed. I will make myself available to my students before school, after school, and during my plan period if that is what my students need in order to understand the content that I am teaching.
• 4c. Communicating with Families o I believe in having open communication with families about classroom news, student’s progress and concerns, and school wide activities.
• In my classroom I will do this by having a monthly newsletter that goes out telling all of the important events for next month, and any big news that happened this month. Also, I will have a binder for each student. At the end of each day, I will write a note in the binder about how the day went, and then the student will take the binder home at the end of the

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