Personal Narrative: My Role As A Teacher Leader

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I currently work as an Interventionist. I provide small group interventions to at risk elementary students. The teacher leadership program has added purpose to my profession as an educator. I’ve learned to use data and records on students as powerful resources to plan effective lessons. Data lets me learn strengthens and weaknesses of the students. Viewing past and present records of students helps me to understand the whole child. When I review data and records of students, it enables me to structure lessons based on my student’ capabilities. As a teacher leader
I use the skills students are strong at doing well to remediate them in low performing areas. My journey as a teacher leader has guided me to consider different approaches
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So far my students practice the ability to apply it to new learning. For instance, when students have learned a skill that’s presented to them, they explore other ways of learning the skill or seeking new additional information. As a teacher leader I plan on improving my technique of inquiry based learning by guiding students to track their learning by setting ongoing goals to learn about the skill. Students learn responsibility and become accountable for their on development and growth. For example, students will have to periodically report new information they discovered about a particular topic or skill to their peers. During their five to ten minute presentations, students will explain specific details from a guide that was created by them. The students will have a rubric to refer to make sure they stay on track with their progress. For my future growth as a teacher leader, I will set goals to address some of the issues we face in education. Parental involvement is very important for the success of all students. Some of my students’ parents have deterred from involvement in schools because of feelings …show more content…
As a teacher leader, I would add teacher collaboration as another goal for my future growth.
Facilitating or attending professional developments is education and training that strengthens and improves educators as professionals. Whether additional education focuses on subject matter, teaching skills or any other area that increases a teacher’s effectiveness; it’s all beneficial to an educator. Throughout the teacher leadership program I have been taught that teachers must stay up to date in their preparation to acquire new classroom skills. By collaborating with other educators, I strengthen my teaching skills. In the past, I participated with a program that allowed me to plan and observe another teacher at a different campus who taught the same grade level. It was a great experience. We observed each other’s classrooms and learned wonderful ideas from each other. Our students completed projects together which encouraged their social skills with one another. The teacher leadership program has expanded my thinking of the make-up of teacher collaboration meetings. Should teachers only train and learn new skills to present to

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