Reflection Of A Teacher's Impact On Standards And Leadership

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Through this course, I have learned about how standards drive learning. I have learning that standards provide equity by serving as guidance for schools and teachers about what students are expected to learn. I had been able to identify state standard where my students are mastering the content and areas where students are in need of improvement. In this reflection I will review the impact and applications that standards have in my teaching, and the opportunities for leadership sharing the knowledge I had acquired.
Impact on Standards Having the curriculum align with the standards is like having a visible finish line, the goals students need to reach. Standards ensure that the teachers teach what they are expected to learn, help teachers
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Also, I can perform research to find the best practices and instructions and implement them in our school. According to Anonymous (2011) “high-performing schools focus intensely on improving academic outcomes for students, and data availability and use, play a crucial part in what these schools do” (p. 35). In addition, through common assessments, we can collect data to identify areas where student still struggling, and plan additional support to succeed.
Finally, in my school I can actively participate in professional development to promote interdisciplinary approach. Standards from one content can be address in other content area making students learning more meaningful and authentic. In an interdisciplinary curriculum, the disciplines are interconnected by a theme, guided questions, or concepts (Gillenwaters, 2015). Student can make connection and understand content through real-life experiences. “Thematic approaches to teaching provide a meaningful framework for development of units that teach language through exploration of multidisciplinary materials” (Ovando, Combs, & Collier, 2006, p.

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