Special Education Standards

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Prior to taking Introduction to Education this semester, I had never heard of the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession and was not aware that such a concept existed (ODE, 2005, p. 1). These standards outline what it means to be a professional in the field of education. After reading through the seven standards and what will be expected of me as an educator, I now understand that much more will be expected of me than simply teaching my content area. I will (1) respect the diversity of my students and understand their learning and development, (2) grasp and understand my content area, (3) use varied forms of assessment, (4) advance the learning of each individual student through effective instruction, (5) create a learning environment which promotes high levels of learning and achievement for all students, (6) collaborate and communicate with students, …show more content…
Standard five addresses this topic and states that a teachers should “create learning environments that promote high levels of learning and achievement for all students”(ODE, 2005, p. 1). Along with the information I have learned concerning creating a positive learning environment (Powell, 2015, pp. 162-171), all of the amazing teachers who have helped me reach this point are the reason I feel prepared to address this standard. It is obvious when a classroom has a positive learning environment and when it has a negative one. Sadly, during my field experience I witnessed a negative learning environment. This teacher constantly yelled and spoke over the students. Little respect occured in this classroom, learning was seldom accomplished, and it did not seem as if anyone, teacher or students, wanted to be there (Banas, Field Notebook, October 6, 2015, pp. 5-7). I hope to create a class room environment were students feel safe to learn and express their thoughts and

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