Literacy Classroom Reflection Paper

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Throughout this course I have gained knowledge about myself as an educator and how to create an effective literacy classroom. My literacy philosophy, literacy instruction topics, insights into literacy instruction and research and the seven pillars of literacy development are all important aspects of what I have learned and will apply to my classroom A teaching philosophy is an important base to every classroom, having specific components of my teaching philosophy that related to literacy helps keep my classroom organized and focused when it comes to literacy instruction. One key aspect of my literacy philosophy is exposure to various forms of literature, I feel that the more you expose students to literature, and the more varieties if literature made available to them, the more likely they are to have a natural desire to read and write on their own. Another component I find important is applying literacy instruction to every day real world contexts. By showing my students that reading and writing is part of their everyday lives in many ways, they are able to make real world connections and extend their learning outside of the classroom. I also feel that cross-subject literacy instruction is important, by using literacy as a way to …show more content…
Of these many topics, standards are one of the important topics that guide my practice. While it is not always easy, designing curriculum and instruction around state and district mandated standards is important. I feel, having standards clear and concise as possible is the best way to insure students and teachers are able to meet these standards. Another topic that guides my practice is technology. I try to implement technology into my classroom instructions as much as possible. By showing students ways to use technology they encounter everyday as a tool in their learning, students can make more real world connections and can increaser their desire to

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