Read Aloud Reaction Paper

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From the videos being observed, the teachers were using different strategies to support language acquisition and literacy development. From the “Read Aloud” video, the teacher was asking questions and having students respond, making connections on what they know about pigs. After the students made connections, the teacher began to read the book to see if their predictions are correct. Before she began to read, she got all the students attention. She used a quiet voice and hinted to the students by holding up three fingers, to get the students to name the book they were about to read. Moving forward, observing “Read Aloud Part 2,” the teacher and students were sitting, reading the three little pigs book. I notice there were several ways the teacher got the students involved in language acquisition and literacy development. The teacher was reading the book and stopped on each page to gather information on what the students thought. The students were sharing what the pig’s houses were made out of; bricks, hay and sticks. The children were participating, reading along with the teacher and participating in asking and answering questions regarding the book. When it came to the supporting environment, there were posters, …show more content…
I know that effective teachers understand literacy learning; they are aware of the complexity of a wide range of texts and the potential challenges these pose for students. They also recognize the sequence of events that occur within the classroom and how it could impact student learning. Most importantly, effective teachers know it is not how much students know, but rather, how they apply this knowledge. I also know that effective teachers know what their students need to learn. They do this to ensure that students are on track for college and career, effective teachers know what literacy skills and understandings their students

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