Choice Presentation Reflection: My Time As A Teacher

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Choice Presentation Reflection
Through conducting my interview and listening to the class presentations, I feel I have developed a greater understanding of what it takes to be a teacher. The advice I have received will help me develop realistic expectations for my first year of teaching. I enjoyed getting to listen and learn from my peers’ experiences through this assignment. I found the teacher interviews provided the most useful guidance that I can take apply to my time as a teacher.
To begin, the teacher I interviewed was Carlee Vinson. Ms. Vinson is in her second year of teaching seventh grade life science. My interview with Ms. Vinson reassured me about the profession I have chosen. She educated me about the importance of developing strong relationships with the teachers I will work with, because they will help guide and assist me during my first year teaching and the years to follow. Furthermore, Ms. Vinson informed me that I need to be prepared for my first year
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Long, that will help me improve my classroom. Mrs. Long has been teaching in the classroom for many years. Her experience in the classroom has helped her become more knowledgeable about the environments that help children learn best in. To begin, Mrs. Long provides multiple types of learning environments help children learn. She has different types of desks in her classroom, such as stand-up desks and yoga mats, for children to choose the type of area they will complete their work in. Mrs. Long also believes that a vibrantly decorated classroom can be overstimulating for some students. Classrooms can be cute and fun, but decorations need to be kept to a minimal. Finally, Mrs. Long said that the first year teaching will not go as planned. I need to begin to accept that I will face many challenges during my first year, and I need to learn how to cope with stressful

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