Play Based Curriculum Essay

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Play-Based Curriculum In early childhood education, there are different methods that can be used when teaching the curriculum. Two approaches of teaching the curriculum include play-based and subject-based curriculum (Downey & Garzoli, 2007). A play-based curriculum approach to teaching revolves around teaching the curriculum through play. In order for this to occur, the classroom is usually set up with centers where children are allowed to roam the room and play. Within these centers, a teacher provides the children with the different materials that are needed in that given area. According to this type of teaching method, even though children are playing, they are still learning. A subject-based approach to teaching the curriculum is a “teacher-management” classroom. For this method of teaching the curriculum, the teacher guides the children in every subject. Although children are being introduced to more academics when they are taught by the subject-based method, studies show that this method of teaching the curriculum does not help develop emotional and social skills that are needed at an early age (Brown, n.d.). Play has been proven to be “the single most effective way” to provide cognitive, emotional, physical, …show more content…
Overtime, there have been several theorists who have made valuable contributions in how play impacts young children (“The Importance of Play,” n.d.). One theorist, Jean Piaget felt that play is the assimilation product of a child making new information fit into an existing structure that they already know and can relate to. Because Piaget felt that children cannot find a connection to new information without having to change their mental structure, he did not feel that play provides children with learning. Instead, Piaget suggested that play was a way in which a child could practice what they have learned (“The Importance of Play,”

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