Practicum Reflective Report

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Practicum Reflection
During my education courses I had learned many different concepts, teaching strategies, and covered numerous topics involving the process of teaching. For the first time I was able to put everything I had learned into practice. My practicum was one of the best learning experiences I have experienced as a student. I learn the best when I am doing something hands on, so for me to actually be able to teach and take over the classes I was able to learn a lot. Throughout the five weeks I learned so much about teaching, being a teacher and what high school students are like from a teacher’s perspective. In my placement I tried to make note of experiences relating to the school and classroom climate, planning and evaluation,
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Being in phys-ed for my first placement the evaluation was spread out between rubrics, self-assessments, checklists, and tests. My main experience with evaluation came at the end of a CPR unit where I had both a written test and a practical test. On the written test I provided a variety of types of questions to appeal to different students and on the practical portion they were in partners. Overall both were very well done by the students which hopefully reflects that I did a good job teaching the material and catering the tests to the topics I taught. I look forward to my next placement hopefully in a formal classroom setting to help me get a bit more experience with …show more content…
This was not a huge topic in classes as it was deemed common sense and that it was, I feel as if just by assuming the teaching role it gave you the power to manage a class. I learned plenty of management techniques from my associate and different techniques were effective for different classes. In one class there was music playing almost all the time and simply by pausing the music it got all the student’s attention and allowed you to give instructions. Another class responded well to a whistle to get their attention to stop the activity. Additionally a great way to speed the class up to get back on task was to say something like “last one to sit in the circle has to do (random exercise)”, it was amazing to see how quick that made some students move. Off task behaviour was often corrected by just addressing the student by their name and usually they got the hint. I look forward to hearing some other stories and management tips from my peers this coming semester and also to my next placement where I am sure I will learn a number of new techniques as well. I look forward to my last semester and the knowledge I will gain from it to bring into my next placement and eventually my teaching

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