PTA Reflective Report

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During this semester I personally contributed to my overall success in the PTAP 2310 class by studying consistently and coming prepared to class. I found that having previously read the chapter and notes, I was able to further understand what Dr. Amite was teaching. This also proved to be beneficial if I had trouble understanding a portion of the chapter I could come with questions. I entered this class knowing that my performance and understanding of the information relied heavily on my entrance into the PTA program. Becoming a PTA is so important to me that it kept me driven to have a complete understanding of the material, even when it was most difficult. I made the most of the resources available to me by staying after class if I had a question, discussing topics with the physical therapists at work, and further researching topics that were discussed in the chapter. The only regret I had in this semester is not being a part of a study group. I feel that it could have contributed greatly to my overall …show more content…
The supplemental videos, quizzes, and audio incorporated in the modules had further explanation and a visual aid that my textbook did not have. I am a visual and auditory learner so this was very helpful. The online Facebook page allowed all classes to post questions about the material they were struggling with. I checked this page regularly as other student’s questions shed light on some topics that weren’t completely clear to me and further helped me understand them. It was a great communication tool to have classroom time outside of school. Moodle was regularly updated with the required information needed to study and complete assignments which allowed me to stay organized. Overall, my experience in the lab and lecture class was surprisingly enjoyable and effective in teaching the

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