Time Management Reflection Paper

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I would say that I learned the most about what it really means to have time management after this semester. Entering my first semester of college I had blind faith in the University, and myself because I believe everything would just work out and I would pass because it was meant to be. However, fate and hope are no the things to help you life as a new college student. The drive to wake up, attend class, finish homework, and accept the new responsibility that had been placed in my novice hands diminished greatly as the non-academic temptations became to creep in my head. I must be honest with you and let you know that I did cave and willingly participate in the sweet release of social experiences. Furthermore I learned of the consequences that …show more content…
I did succeed in making my grades but by the last months of the semester I realize that the stress that came with procrastination wasn’t worth in ad I started working on time management. In high school the words time management are repeated but never really explains. I grew up hating the simple idea of time management, but I have since learned that is means balance. It is easy to think of staying in and doing nothing but studies, but true time management is the balancing the responsibilities you must complete and the things you want to do. This realization has taught me that I can have a “fun” college experience without forgetting the reason I am at a university. I have learned how resilient I am and after some stumbles along my path I can complete all academic …show more content…
Not inly time management, but organizational skills was a major technique to learn as I went through my first semester. I always wanted to learn to use a planner during schooling but I never actually did it until this semester. With all these new projects, assignments, and study sessions to keep in track the use of a planner became very vital. To solve this I downloaded a planner app onto my phone that alerted me through the week, and this way of organization helped me tremendously compared to if I wrote things in a planner. Everyone learns and studies differently so in order to really succeed you must find what works for you, and how to keep everything in order. It took me forever to really understand I needed to find my own organization and study tactics. Along with organization the need to use my failures to rise up in my classes really led me to maintain high grades. In my edblog “Failure” I discuss the troubles of failure and how to use it to construct a foundation for school. I find I learn more from failures than excelling grades, because it shows that not everything can be handed to you and that I needed to step up, change what I had been doing, and learn new things in order to help me succeed. Along with learning from failures, the taking knowledge from professor’s ideals will follow me into the next semester. Each professor is different and coming in as a freshman from a small private high

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