Reflection On Effective Presentation

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In my first semester here at High Point University I have learned a few lessons in The President’s Seminar that will help me throughout the rest of my life. In all of those lessons that were given the two that stuck with me; how to create an effective presentation and how to manage my time. While attending these lessons I have learned ways to make my life more successful. I believe that these lessons will stick with me and help me in my future jobs.
When you are giving a presentation you must have confidence and you shouldn’t be scared or be embarrassed to be in front of people. The thing is that confidence isn’t the only thing you need to have while giving excellent presentations. I learned that you need to move around and the more you move
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While being in school I have already gave several presentations and they scared me. I would practice very little in high school before giving a presentation and I would stutter. Now I know that I shouldn’t be worried just as long as I practice more than a few times.. I also know that I should have a louder voice while giving the presentations. Regarding my personal life this lesson was a great help because i’m not the best with talking to adults but the tips that were given will help me become a more confident speaker towards adults. In a professional world, people must speak to groups of people in order to get a deal or give a pitch. Which means they need to have a good stage presence at all times.
I’m positioning myself for success by making goals for what I want and where I want to go in life. I know what I want, for at least the next year. In order for me to get where I want to go I’ll need to take some classes that will require presentations and I know that I will need to get a great grade on those presentations. Also it is just a great skill for me to have in order to become successful in life. Also in order for me to be successful I must be able to manage my time. I must be able to fit in my homework, social life, classes and homework into my

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