Self Reflection Essay On Leadership

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Leadership has always been an interesting topic for me. That’s why I jumped at the chance to take this course. It was always questionable. Is it a gene that you are born with? Is it a series of life-learned experiences that actually shape the person to become who he is?
Throughout my 10 years of work experience I was managed by many, but only led by one. He was very passionate about his job. He always had our best interest at heart. He never missed a chance to use daily situations to teach us a lesson. He was inclusive of everyone in the team in department related matters. He always bragged about our work to the top management. It was very inspiring to me, how I became creative and ready to work harder under his lead. The extra mile became
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I learned that a leader should immerse himself deeply in his group. He should try to personally talk and get in touch with everyone. Find ways to know their problems and work on solving them. He can try to open the door for job rotation within his organization. Introduce to all levels what the other is exposed to on daily basis. This will reinforce the values and improve knowledge sharing throughout the company. Management will be able to share employees’ passions and pains. According to Pope Francis there’s a significant difference between the words “judging” and “assessing”. Only God judges people. Assessing is what a leader should be doing. I totally believe in that idea. I was happy to find out it is actually communicated in books. I never hated any performance appraisal session with my manager that I talked about earlier. He was always assessing me, giving me constructive and honest feedback on almost every task I work on. When it was time for the quarterly ritual, we both knew the result before starting the …show more content…
I believe in teamwork. A leader should foster collaboration within his team members. Of course he should take the decision in the end, but he needs to listen intently to every opinion. Sometimes one of the team members can have a viewpoint that may affect the decision dramatically. Trusting the team, listening to what each has to say, enriching their jobs, and increasing their influence, transforms the team noticeably. The people lucky enough to work in such teams will have a very high sense of ownership to their assigned tasks. They will be very loyal to the company and the extra mile will be their normal

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