My First Semester In College Essay

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My first semester of college has been an intersting learning experience. It has been full of ups and downs. I’ve learned a lot since being in college, mostly how to take charge of my life and get my priorities straight. I learned that being successful in college depends on how you prioritize your work and how serious you take it. At first my priorities weren 't where they were supposed to be, and I realized my grades were going to suffer if I did not change. A big part of college is maturing and getting your priorities straight, and that’s one big thing I’ve learned so far. College really makes you grow up fast because you are on your own and your parents aren’t there to be on top of you. In High School, especially cathiloc school, the teachers …show more content…
Avoiding the 5 minute rule in the morning also really helped me stop missing class or being really late. I realized going back to bed could isn’t worth the extra 5 minutes because it puts you in a deeper sleep cycle, making it harder for me to get up when my alarm does go off. I have not used any resources on campus, but If I had to use any resources in the future I am always free to use the student wellness center on campus which focuses on the health of students at St. Francis as well as the career center if I was ever to be unsure of my major. Thinking back on freshmen seminar, I found this class to be very helpful. At first I didn 't really see the point in it, I felt as if I knew everything. After being in this class this semester it has taught me so much about college and answered so many questions I didn 't know. I 'm very thankful to have taken this class which took a lot of stress off my first semester. My goals for the spring semester are to not get into the same habbits of waking up late as I did the first

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