Professional Writing Reflective Report

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One of the most important thing I have learned in this course that has positively affected my confidence in my writing skills is the concept of writing a “shitty first draft”. In my midterm self-assessment, I discussed how I thought I was among one of the unlucky ones that was not blessed with natural writing skills. However, through class discussions, I’ve learned that one of the most important competent of professional writing is the need for constant revision. Contrary to popular believe, writing does not come easy to anyone. In order to successfully produce professional writing, it is important that one plan, draft, revise, and edit his or her work. I first began to implement the idea of writing a shitty first draft in my research review article. Although I had edit this assignment multiple times, I received it back with recommendation for further revisions. For me, this emphasized that revision is a continuous process, and my writing can always improve if I take time to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. I believe that I have accomplished one of the course goals, which is understanding the stages that would result in the production of competent, professional writing. As this semester comes to an end, I continue to utilize the writing process of creating a first draft that would need several revision in order to produce a quality end …show more content…
Although I am currently on the path of doing this, I have accomplished something much more significant. This course has installed in me vital learning skills that will continue to improve my writing beyond this semester. Aside from this, I appreciate Professor Ross for always reminding his students that they should routinely try to decompress. His true concern for his students as well as sporadic motivating speeches has been impactful to my overall success, not simply in Engl395, but in all of my other courses this

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