My Practicum Reflection

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Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed playing school with my younger brother because I was always the teacher. I also enjoyed being an assistant teacher at my dance studio. From a young age, I was involved with teaching, but specifically interactions with younger children. I thrive in environments where I can interact and help others. Having the opportunity to work in the classroom through practicum experiences has helped me understand how I can use my gifts and passions to benefit students. While observing during my practicum, I had the opportunity to help individual students particularly. While helping these students one-on-one, or in small groups, I developed a deeper understanding of how I interact with students. For example, as the semester progressed, I could tell the students built a stronger trust in me. This speaks to how I was able to help my students. As I worked with them, I was able to show them how open and approachable I am. This facilitated our relationships, which is important because without a solid foundation, I would not be able to connect with the students and help them grow. …show more content…
I feel as if I am called to help the students that need more help inside and outside of the classroom. In this practicum experience, I connected with an ELL student on a more personal basis. I was drawn to helping him because I could see how much assistance he needed. Plus, the best feeling was when I would offer to read to him and his face would light the room up as we dove into a good book together. Although helping him is beyond difficult considering he is three grade levels behind, I valued the opportunity and experience because it made me a better person and

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