Community Band Essay

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Standing in front of a crowd, nerves shaking as I, a soon to be junior in high school, have decided to conduct for a community band. I had stepped up since the band was going to have a "year off" and had been working for several weeks with a small group of students. I found the venue, rehearsal hall, times, and the arrangements. The students and myself had put in long hours and the day had come to perform in front of the community. As I stepped up, I saw the nervous faces that I taught and smiled, turned around and introduced the band to the community. As the concert came to a close, students came up and thanked me, along with other people in the community; but the memory that sticks with me is the light that shines from the student when they …show more content…
I want to be a rock for my students, challenge them, encourage them to follow their dreams, and watch that spark grow into a fire. This is important to me because I would have never of been where I am today without the help of teachers, parents, and my friends. My parents have raised me with some of the ideals I want to incorporate in the classroom, while the experiences with my friends have helped shape my teaching style and listening skills. While all of these factors help contribute to my decision it was the act of two teachers that pushed me towards my career. These two teachers, that I admire and work to be like, are my music and history …show more content…
The teacher had just finished the materials for the day and asked if there where any questions. A student raised their hand and even though I do not remember the question, I can recall the teacher 's response perfectly. My teacher looked at the student and said "Good question, but I do not know the answer. I will not pretend and make up some answer, so why don 't you google it here in class. You have a laptop don 't you?" This made me realize that honest answers and telling people the truth are a great quality to have in teaching and in life. A simple "let 's learn this together" is a great tool to show the students that I am still learning and growing too. This is one of the qualities that I would bring in the classroom, honesty and learning/encouraging students to go beyond to find answers to their questions. These are some of the teaching techniques and qualities that I look to possess.
The teaching techniques that these two teachers possessed had similar qualities. One of the most important qualities they both possessed was passion. The teachers loved the subject that they taught and loved to teach that subject to the students. While they both had passion, they also had amazing qualities of honesty, compassion, accepting, animated, great listeners, learned from their students, remembered their students names, and would encourage students to challenge themselves. I enjoyed being in both these teachers classroom settings

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