Kid President's Pep Talk To Teacher Analysis

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My Vocational Narrative
Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students Kid president is one of the cutest, funniest kids around on the internet. Through his video messages, Kid President has encouraged a tremendous audience to spread joy and take positive action to make this world a better place. Each video has an important message, however the Pep Talk to Teacher and Students has particularly touched me as a teacher of a variety of students. The reason why I became an educational psychologist, and later an elementary teacher, was to help shape the way kids see the world and the way the world sees kids. This video has a beautiful meaning to me since as a teacher my job has not only been to teach
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Working as an educational psychologist helped me realized that for some students learning in a classroom isn’t so simple, which guided me towards my decision of not only working in small educational settings, but also being in a regular classroom. Being a teacher has allowed me to develop an encouraging environment that will enhance the social, emotional, and cognitive development of all students.
I made the decision to become a teacher to have an impact on children and to be involved in the process of raising new generations. I believe teachers have an impact on students, and vice versa. Children can change the world, and grown-ups can help children make the world awesome. As Kid President states on this video “it takes all of us working
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Teaching has become a way of living. Teaching is exhausting, but at the end I know that I have the power to make a positive impression in the minds of the children I teach.
I know that after ten years teaching I have touched many of my students’ lives. They will remember me as the teacher who believed that kids have voices worth listening to, and the person who hoped to be an unforgettable teacher who not only had the job of teaching children valuable information but also being a strong role model for children to look up to.
This video summarizes the why of my career choice. In other words, the why behind the what. I teach not only with the purpose of providing day-to-day academic lessons, but more importantly to impact my students’ lives in such a positive way that they will become productive citizens who will actively contribute to society and display love for learning.

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