Reflective Essay On Pursuing A Career In Education

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Part 1: What experiences – personal, professional, and/or educational – have shaped your motivation to pursue a teaching career in an urban district, and to teach the specific content/grade level to which you applied?

Part 2: What is something specific to the content/grade level to which you applied that you believe is worthwhile for students to learn, and why? How might you engage students in the teaching and learning of this knowledge or skill?
Motivating Experiences
Essay 1
I am particularly motivated to be an effective and efficient teacher. The basis for this high motivation is my love of learning, respect for the profession, and commitment to inspire others. Therefore, I have chosen a career in teaching. I feel passionate about the
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As a learner I have experienced failure, significant setbacks and challenges. One in particular is my enormous fear for tests. This fear considerably impacted my middle school and high school education, but it did not hinder my love for learning. I always did well on class assignments, projects, and homework, but tests were my down fall. The immense anxiety I felt reflected on the test grade, therefore bringing down my overall class average.
Unfortunately, I dropped out of school in the 11th grade. This was not a shocking revelation to the people in my life because I had little to no support at home. However, I suffered from personal defeat. I used this sense of defeat as a motivator to finish high school. After a year of soul searching and working, I decided to go to an adult high school to obtain my High School Diploma. The alternative school provided me with testing accommodations and taught me the importance of self-advocacy as a learner. During my time at the alternative school, I was hit with the realization that I had a low reading level. My reading level was contributing to my test taking anxiety mainly because read at a slow rate, which inhibited my comprehension of the text or questions. As a result, I started to read more. I used reading workbooks to build my reading comprehension, vocabulary, and
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As a teacher, my experiences and education prepared me for these challenges. Challenges such as; language barriers, cultural differences, and diversity. However, despite these challenges, the government has integrated common core standards to ensure all students are getting an equal education. This assists teachers to provide a quality education to students from all walks of life. In addition, it helps students reach their academic potential by giving them access to all the necessary education skills to go to college and be ready for the workforce. In addition, it is important for teachers to understand the existence of structural racism in a school setting and the difficulties it creates for them to interact freely with their students. With this said, maintaining an atmosphere of high expectations, surrounded by policies and procedures that are constant will help students strive for excellence, while everyday distracts may get in the way of learning. Boston is a modern city with people from different ethnic backgrounds. At times it many become difficult to deal with a multicultural student body, but the objective is to teach all students with the students’ needs first. Ideally, this can be done by creating a school cultural that focuses on equality and a rigorous work ethic. As a result, it is important for urban schools to employ

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