Becoming An Educator Essay

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Becoming an educator is one the noblest professions an individual can go into. A teacher can have a powerful impact in a student’s live, both positive and negative. Teaching is one of the few careers that directly affect the future of our nation, and though this may be considered a cliché, the truth of the matter is that you may have a larger impact on children’s lives than some of their parents. You spend hours upon hours with your students, whereas busy or career-driven parents may not have the same opportunities. Becoming an educator is conducive to your home or family life, allows you to see the potential in students, and perhaps most notably, provides the opportunity for you to essentially mold lives within one short calendar year. One of the most popular reasons to go into the education field is because it is conducive with your family life. For example, if you are a parent as well as a teacher, your days off of work, such as President’s Day, would coincide with your child’s day off. This allows teachers to effectively balance both home …show more content…
In the event that a student does not grasp the material being presented, teachers can hold a one-on-one session or private conference with their students to see to it that their student grasps the material. Teachers can witness and play a direct role in the “lightbulb moment” in a student’s academic career. Watching a student grapple with material only to finally come to an understanding of the content is and should be one the most rewarding moments in a teacher’s life. Witnessing a student reach his or her full academic potential and have a hand in something as powerful as that is something that is uniquely and exclusively offered to educators. Student success is what drives teachers to continue to do what they do. Teachers have the opportunity to watch a student’s hard work come to fruition and bring a sense of fulfillment to their

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