The Benefits Of An Elementary School Teacher

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There are many career fields that involve children, but I always like the thought of becoming a teacher for younger students. Children have bigger imagination than adults do. They always get fascinated about anything new that they’ve learned. An elementary school teacher is someone who instructs children from grades first to fourth. I want to become someone who will teach younger students things that they begin to learn at that age. What I would like my reader to know about my career is that teacher who is passionate about their job help students to achieve higher. In this research, I will cover the history of teaching, requirements to obtain the career, and what being an elementary school teacher is all about.
History and Background of the
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Teacher usually faces with with the challenges of a large classroom sizes, school budget cuts, and reduction of job benefits. Elementary school teacher, mostly has to deal with students ever- changing behavior and their different learning styles. However, along with the challenges comes with the benefits. The positive perks of becoming a teacher are the serious vacation time. Aside from taking time off for Thanksgiving , Christmas, and Spring Break, teachers also have the additional of three long months off in the summer to further their career or simply takes a relaxing break. Most importantly, the benefits of being able to inspire others, learn something new everyday, and the difference you can make in the lives of the students is what makes the teaching a great career. In Houston, teaching is a demanding career, especially in the subject area of mathematics, science, and English. As of 2014, Texas public school had broken the 5 million mark for student enrollment, leading to the increased in the teaching career. The current economy has had negative effects on all aspects of American Society including the teaching field. One of the first cuts that the government makes when states loses income is in education. This causes the reduced in teacher salaries and eventually lead to teacher layoffs. Despite that, teacher contributed hugely to the community. Teacher provides children 's skills required to …show more content…
Majority of their time are dedicated in the classroom preparing for class activities. Commonly, elementary school teacher developed a lesson plan that teach students in a specialized subject such as mathematics, science, social studies, or reading. Additionally, teacher evaluates student’s knowledge of the material that they’ve learned. Elementary teacher use score on homework assignments, quizzes, and tests to determine student’s progress. They also observe behavior in addition to the student’s progress. Elementary school teacher are responsible in creating a productive learning environment for all children in the classroom. They discipline badly behaved students and praised those who perform well in the classroom. On top of that, elementary teacher also meets with parents to discuss a student’s progress in the classroom. They also regularly attend conferences and workshops to keep their skills updated and learning new teaching techniques throughout the school year. Teacher work environment usually involves being in public and private schools. They normally work six to eight school hours when students are present and use night and weekends to grade papers and prepare lesson plans. Even with the extra hours required outside of work, teacher work less than a typical professional. In addition, teacher do not not during the summer, in addition to Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break. Even though,the pay is not six figures, teacher

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