How To Pursue A Career In Special Education

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Kim has chosen the profession that she truly wanted to do. She is a Paraprofessional who works with younger kids from kindergarten to third grade including the special needs children. She loves working with her students because she like seeing the impact that she has on each one. Kim explained, “I knew I liked working with kids. I got to help work in an elementary school and at that point she realized how much more help the special needs kids needed” (Arena). She continued working in a classroom setting for the last six years and she realize that she was meant to be a teacher. With working in a classroom she liked the fact that she can help shape the minds of the future. In the article Why choose teaching as a profession it stated, “Teachers …show more content…
For the last three years Kim has worked in a public school district one on one with students that need extra help outside of the classroom. For those same years she was given the opportunity to work with the same student. He has Pervasive Developmental Disorder which is a form of autism. While being able to work with him every day there was many advantages but it also included many disadvantages. An advantage towards being able to work with him is that she understands the way he learns the best and she can easily help him. A disadvantage of working with him is he gets use to being with her and becomes comfortable around her which causes distractions from learning. With the time that they have been working together he has had major improvements and continues to grow. Kim said, “I love my job I would never think about doing anything else”. She talked about how great it is to get to know the children at school and see how much they change overtime. Knowing that she was one of the teachers who had influenced the children made her feel great about her choice of becoming a …show more content…
Knowing that you can make a difference on how kids learn makes a huge difference in the world. Educators play and important role as they shape the minds of the future generations. A teacher’s job is never done even if they are done teaching they continue to show you how to be able to succeed in the outside world. No matter what age a teacher influences you to become someone you want to

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