Argumentative Essay: Should Teachers Be Paid?

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Teachers are among the most important people in society today. Teachers help shape the minds of the future. Tomorrow 's engineers, scientists, politicians, and educators are all greatly influenced by today 's instructors. Without teachers society would not be anywhere near where it is now and only a select few would have access to learning. Sadly, however important teachers are in civilization, they are still drastically underappreciated, underrecognized and underpaid. Although some people may think performance pay is detrimental to schools, it is helpful because it overall increases student performance and rewards teachers for their hard work.
One of the largest benefits performance pay could provide is that it could motivate teachers to work
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teachers work more than full time and it requires a good education to become a teacher and anyone would know that teachers deserve to be paid more. If we were to give teachers raises for their effort, then over time as teachers get better over their career, their pay will more closely correspond to how much work they put in (Pros and Cons). It could also lead to worse teachers leaving the profession and going to work at something they are better at leaving more money for the good teachers. This would lead to the good teachers staying in the profession longer, and thus influencing more people 's lives for the better (Rosales, John). As more and more teachers flock to the profession the average wage of teachers would go up until it reaches the point where they are finally being rewarded completely for their hard …show more content…
They think that performance pay would lead to teachers teaching to the test, make teachers not want to teach struggling students, have a harder time teaching gifted students, it may be unfair, and Could cause competition among teachers. Although these claims are valid they are not correct. This is because we could easily make a different version of performance pay that does not compare teachers, is not based on standardized testing, and that is more flexible (Corbin, Clark;). Through this, careful planning, and research, performance pay can be safely implemented, and prove an effective means of increasing student performance and paying teachers what they

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