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  • Profession Of Arms Professionalism

    The Army has grown to understand the value of professionalism at all levels of the organization. The Profession of Arms has certified experts ready to defend and protect the United States. One of these professions is the Human Resource Sergeant that displays professionalism, knowledge, and is ready to fight during conflicts. He/she is willing to be a subordinate of the American people as well as those appointed in government. The Profession of Arms indicates that the best understanding of the Army profession is stated in the Federal Statute, Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 3602(a). This clearly states how Congress has the intention to have an Army that is capable of maintaining peace & security of the nation, be supportive of policies, implement the nation’s objectives, and provide the security needed to maintain peace in the United States. The Army would be unable to implement this without strong leaders that understand the importance of professionalism. The leadership in the Profession of the Army implement key attributes like expertise, trust, development, values, and service. These key attributes are important to prevent the loss of autonomy authorized by the clientele…

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  • Army Profession Essay

    You only have two choices: Army or College? For many the Army was the only option, for various reasons. Whether escaping a bad situation, didn’t perform well in school, or following in a family member’s footsteps, the Army was a way out, and was often overlooked as being a profession. Most will say in order to have a career/profession you have to attend college, get multiple degrees, and after spending half your life in school, now you can begin your chosen profession. College or the Army or…

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  • Hr's Role In The Army Professions

    to the Profession of Arms is prevalent throughout the Army. This essay will discuss what it means to be a profession, how leaders balance the profession’s role, the Army professional culture, and the HR Sergeant’s role within the Army profession. A profession is a form of work that is considered irreplaceable and takes years of practice to be mastered (The Profession of Arms, 2010). Simply put, a profession is what you do for a living. Examples of different professions include educating as a…

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  • Nursing Should Be Considered A Profession

    should be considered a profession. Because of the diverse culture within healthcare and the different roles that nurses play, some people may not classify nursing as a profession. I strongly believe…

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  • Professionalism And Leadership In Nursing

    One opinion of professionalism is being a member of a chosen vocation founded upon specialized educational training. (Krinn, 2011). Professionalism relates to white-collared, highly educated, salary or hourly. The individual posses qualities of autonomy. Work may be thought provoking and challenging. The working field can either be public, private or academia (Krinn, 2011). The importance of professionalism to leadership is relevant to the nursing profession. Professionalism can determine the…

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  • The Importance Of Professionalism In Education

    you that there are many differences with how teachers are treated. According to survey from, China’s teachers are treated with the most respect (“How the job”, 2014). I was nervous that parents in China would not take me seriously because of my age, but they gave me more respect than I ever thought. Education is a top priority in China which makes being a teacher a great profession. However, here in America teachers are not always held up on a high podium like they should be.…

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  • Army Professional Culture

    action? Being a professional is the most important aspect of todays Army. The Army has to uphold the Constitution and the service and protection of the American people. This task is not taken lightly and most be elaborated on through knowledge of the word and how it applies to the Army, the culture of a professional Army, and the leaders role in a profession of arms. Firstly, An Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms (2010) states that, professions produce uniquely expert work and thrive on…

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  • Fear Of Moving Away At Anna High School

    The teaching profession, just like any other profession, has many disadvantages and fears that comes with the job. Parents are people who will do anything for their child even if it means yelling at the teacher to give the student the full extra credit points. Some students are physically much larger than me, which can be very intimidating. I do have a concern as to whether I will be able to control my class due to my physical appearance. I have a fear of disappointing people, which means I’m…

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  • Professional Development Of Teachers In India

    Hence the teaching profession plays an extremely vital role in the development of a nation. As it is the teacher who prepares the citizens of tomorrow, hence their training depict how they will be in a position to educate pupil placed in their charge. The quality of a nation depends upon the quality of education at school and university level; and quality of education depends upon the teachers. Thus, the quality of teachers is very important in making a nation great. Teachers are the nation…

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  • Levels Of Professional Deception

    among the general population of these three professions. To add to this research, we focused on actual levels of deception, and determined if general population perceptions were similar. Prior studies have shown that all three of these professions utilize some sort of deception to varying degrees. Business professionals…

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