Growing More Severe By Tim Walker Summary

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Tim Walker's’ article “Report: Teacher Pay Penalty Growing More Severe” was published on August 16, 2016 in News and Features from the National Education Association. His article mentions the argument that all teachers fight for, better pay. Walker explains that many college students do not consider majoring in education because of how little teachers are paid. Most college students who major in education, see a higher student debt than other majors. Because of these issues, the shortage for talented teachers are becoming higher. Many schools expect teachers they hire to be the best, but make the teachers “withstand a severe teaching pay penalty”. School systems are worried that once their teachers reach retirement age, the school will not …show more content…
He talks about teacher pay passionately and he is very determined to see an increase in wages. While he is determined, he also accuses many people and issues to be the overbearing factor to these low wages. Walker criticizes all these factors he accuses. But overall, he is concerned. He is concerned that in the next few years, there will not be enough decent teachers left. The fact that these low wages is one of the main factors as to why college students are not even considering a major in education, concerns Walker.
Walker breaks his article down into small paragraphs. Each paragraph has a main point, and sometimes for each point, there could be multiple paragraphs. He uses quotes and statistics to explain the point he is trying to make for that paragraph.
The front page of this article is a picture of a group of people. Three of those people look like they have just graduated from college, and there are also two older women standing with them. They all look serious but have a small smile on their faces. In the article, there is also a graph that shows the weekly wages of teachers compared to other college graduates. The graph ranges from the years 1980-2010. This graph shows how much less teachers make when compared to a graduate student. The graph and picture shows the reader the statistics mentioned in the article as well as a visual to see others reacting to this
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He explains that the penalty is stopping students from becoming education majors which leaves school systems with less teachers available. Walker wants to get this message to people to raise awareness so that teachers receive the pay they deserve. He also wants more students to consider teaching instead of assuming they would hate it because of the pay. But, Walker talks about how teaching is a rewarding job. He claims that the best teachers out there do not care as much about the pay, but care more about the quality of education their students are receiving. That to Walker is what makes a teacher standout as a good teacher. By their level of commitment and love for their

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