Teachers Are Underpaid Essay

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Teachers Are Underpaid In the United States, educators are valued for being more than just a teacher by society. Educators not only nurture and enrich student’s minds, but they are also preparing them for the future. They are the stepping stones to the student’s pathway of success. K-12 teachers around the country, with the exception of the East Coast (like Rhode Island), are often overworked, overwhelmed, and usually underpaid; this is due to the lack of funding, and because of the time and dedication that is required to succeed in their profession.
According to Dana Goldstein, author of The Teacher Wars, “50 percent of all beginner teachers choose to leave the profession in the first five years” (7). This is either due to the low pay that
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Working only nine months out of the year, many people feel that teachers are overpaid. When you take Ohio’s average starting teacher salary, and divide it into 52 weeks you get $15.87 an hour, however, if you divide that pay in just 36 weeks, teachers make $22.91 an hour starting out. With over $7 an hour difference, many argue that teachers make enough. However, teachers do not get paid that $22.91 an hour, for they divide that pay up to last them through the summer, causing them to earn that $15.87 an hour. Others also argue that teachers have many breaks during their day. However, those breaks are merely breaks, yet they are a time where teachers can try to catch up. Others also argue that teachers get time off in the summer, but most do not. Teachers update their notes, syllabus, homework, and even attend summer classes; all of which they receive no …show more content…
The government needs to consider other areas of their budget to cut in order to ensure more funding to schools. Tax payers and voters also need to vote yes on renewals, replacements, and even new levies. By doing all these, schools will receive more funding. This funding can help enrich the school district’s academics, but it can also boost teacher pay. Teachers are merely overpaid, yet they are underpaid. If a person with a comparable bachelors degree would walk in a teacher’s shoes for a school year they will realize how overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid they are. Teaching is not just an ordinary job, yet teachers are affecting the lives of the current and future generations. It is up to this generation and beyond to ensure that teachers receive comparable pay, and by doing so, qualified candidates will enter the profession ensuring America’s

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