Teachers Deserve To Be Paid More Essay

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Teachers Deserve to be Paid More! Teachers have one of the most important professions in the world, that being the case their salaries should reflect that, unfortunately it does not. Why should professional athletes who throw around a ball make millions, while those teachers that gave them the tools to get there make 10 times less than them. Do you think teachers get paid enough for what they do? Do you think teachers deserve to be paid a little more? Teaching is not an easy job, it calls a certain type of person to perform this job and to do it well. For those teachers that work hard to impact their students’ lives and help them succeed. Those who do this job go into it for the love it, they don’t do it for the money. Those teachers are more concerned with educating their students, than how much money they are making. Teachers deserve to be paid more than they currently are because of their dedication to teaching, they go above and …show more content…
And the nationwide average starting teacher salary is still under $40,000” (Green KQED). Compared to other jobs teachers make less than half of most of them. For an example nurses make over $69,000 a year and computer programmers make about $83,000 a year. These jobs are also rewarding, challenging and made for certain people but without teachers they would not have the foundations or tools needed to do them. The salary of a teacher should show the importance of what that do, without them teaching reading writing math and specialties subjects we as a society would not run, no one would know how to do anything! Though $40,000 a year may seem like it’s a good living it’s not, the average American in the middle class is making over $60,000 a year that is close to a third more than what teachers make. Not only are average Americans making more, they do not do as much as teachers do and are required to

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