Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades Essay

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Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades In School?

Should students be paid for having good grades? This topic has some really strong arguments on either side. In this research paper I will list facts and argue both sides of this debate. Some people believe paying students for good grades is a bad idea, I personally believe students will strive to do better when they are paid for their work.
Lots of schools are paying their students for getting good grades, and others are giving it a try. Why would a student want to take a harder, more stressful class if they don’t get paid more? More people would try to be in AP classes if they were offered money or more money than just a regular non AP or Honors class. Paying students will help underprivileged
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The students will not get held back, or have their teachers call home due to failing grades. Parents will not have to worry about their kids failing classes because their students want the money. The students will be on top of things and wanting money and they will not fail. Compared to a job paying in schools is perfect. When people go to work they get paid an hourly wage or salary. What do students get? A high five or a letter saying “good job?” If the students do not pass, they should get detention or “fired” from their job. Wouldn’t adults do better if a bonus or promotion is at stake? So why do people believe students will not benefit from …show more content…
That student may never get the chance to go to college because he or she cannot afford it. In New York, schools reward up to $500 for good test scores. This reward showed higher results in success. More people are trying to take AP classes and tests. If students were offered more money for a harder class more people would be in them. If a teacher says “I’ll pay $5 to whoever answers this question correctly.” People would try harder. There’s no actual money involved. What if schools paid students with gift cards to get free food from student store or vending machines. Some schools have a movie night, why not have a gift card that gets you a free drink or popcorn. As said; people are worried about what students buy with the money, drugs? Alcohol? Why not have a funding program that pays the student’s account so they can afford trips like FBLA, better computers, projects that they need, or even school supplies. How about $20 for an A, $10 for a B, $5 for a C, and nothing for an I or

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