Argumentative Essay: Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades

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Argumentative Essay
Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades Some students get money for getting good grades but is that really good? Research shows that paying students may be a bad idea. For example, the NEA states that paying students would lead to practical problems in the classroom. Parents would pay for their child’s good grades as motivation, but it is actually affecting their own desire to learn. By giving money to students, parents are working against their intrinsic (innate) motivation. Students would be inflated by pressure from both getting good grades and trying to get money. From not being motivated by their own desire to learn, to learn, to working against their innate motivation, to being inflated with unnecessary pressure,
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Psychologist Sam Goldstein claims, “ External motivators may be effective and well intended, but they clearly work against the continued development of a child’s intrinsic motivation.” This stated that by giving outside factors as motivation, people are harming the student’s natural motivation. This would lead to them not having their own desire to learn. Students would start to lose their innate motivation for short, external motivation. Giving students money as motivation has a negative effect and can take something natural from them. Clearly, students should not be paid for good …show more content…
According to Clare Levison, “ I think it can be an effective incentive, as long as you’re using it as a teachable moment to tell them about budgeting and saving.” But undoubtedly this could be challenged because even if students were being paid in the long term, their academic performances are lower than those who are not getting paid. Students who want to lean will be better than those who are only studying to get money. In addition, getting paid may be effective, but it is external and is generally short- term. Students should not be bribed and should study to get an education and not money. For the reasons above, students should not be paid for good

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