Performance Pay For Teachers Essay

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Introducing performance pay for teachers in the US could lead to several consequences affecting not only the teachers themselves but also the students and the American society as a whole. Teaching itself is a very important profession that should be taken seriously and if performance pay is going to improve the quality of education for generations to come, then it is definitely worth trying. After all, why should a lazy teacher without any incentive to incorporate modern and more engaging ways of teaching be paid the same as a hardworking, dedicated and effective teacher? The education children receive affects them for the rest of their lives. Having a good education is a necessary tool for the children to think for themselves, get a more developed understanding of the world, get the skills and knowledge necessary for their survival and a better future with more opportunities. Performance pay is expected to achieve all these goals by stimulating …show more content…
Saying that performance pay will motivate teachers to be more hard-working, means that we also believe that they know what to do in order to improve student achievement but they are not doing it because they are not motivated enough financially. But does anyone really think that most teachers know what their students need but are withholding it on purpose? Most teachers care about their students and want them to succeed, so would they really help students learn more if and only if they are offered a higher payment? Some teachers could certainly do better job but they mostly need mentoring, support, supervision and training in new techniques. Therefore, it may be better instead of performance pay that they are provided with those opportunities. Also, as mentioned in the article, implementing a performance pay is likely to result in some teachers trying to get a higher salary by changing answers or giving students the correct

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