Should Teachers Get Paid More Essay

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Teachers work hard for little pay
Why are teachers getting paid less than other professions? Studies have shown that in the last couple of years teachers pay has fallen behind other profession by 13%. People often hear teachers say “you don 't go into teaching for the pay,” but why do teachers have to say this? Teachers have high pressure jobs, with many futures at stake from relying on their success. Failure to perform weakens their future, but more on their minds has the potential to cripple a generation of learners that must become the next leaders and business owners. Teachers have influenced all of us at one point in our lives. Whether or not a student has a good or bad teacher can affect how well they learn the subject. This affects
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Teachers should get paid more because a good teacher could change their child 's life for the better. Changing the life of a child changes the future of society which affects us all. Teachers put in long hours for little pay and what they do with that little money is amazing, imagine what they could do with more money. If teachers got paid more the schools would have more qualified teachers applying for the jobs and entering the field. People would not have to worry about what teachers their child got in primary or elementary school. Parents would not have to worry about whether there high schooler was getting the education they needed to get into college. Teachers have been influencing lives as long as there has been something to teach. Without teachers, civilization would not be what is it today. Even people that have made big changes in this world for the better had to have had a teacher at some point in the lives. Take Oprah Winfrey for instance she says, “I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my fourth grade teacher.” Imagine if her fourth grade teacher had decided that teachers get paid too little and went a different career path. There are many other stories that are like hers that without teachers society would not have the influential people we have today. All of this started in the classroom with a teacher that got paid to little for the wonderful job they

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