Personal Statement: Why Teachers Should Be Paid

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II. The Research Section In today’s economy, professional sports entertainers are worth much more than they should be. A NBA player should not be able to make 5.15 million first starting out, while a teacher is barely starting at 30k. A teacher will spend up to eight to ten hours sculpting the minds of the future, not including the time set aside outside of school to prepare. Just to have their students rush home to watch the game. Teachers have to put so much time and effort into the class-setting that they become stressed and fatigued. A lot of teachers have to work two jobs to make ends need, while an athlete is sitting on a big lump sum of cash for just breaking a sweat. Therefore, teachers should be paid more because they mold the lives …show more content…
Many different things can contribute child’s academic and physical behaviors. Although, a student may be academically strong with a stable home, teachers matters most. It is clear that most teachers want to make some type of positive impact in a student’s life. It is important that teachers care for their students dearly. They want to see them succeed and are willing to help them with their goals in life. Investing time into your students is very important. A good teacher must show that he/she wants to see the student make it in life. A student will pay attention more to attention who has some type of emotion while teaching. Also, the impact of a good teacher can result in test scores. I can encourage students to attend college. “The effect of a good teacher on a child’s life is very monumental (Bennett).” With appropriate motivation of excellent teachers, students are more likely to earn a higher pay and live in better neighborhoods as adults. Students will put more effort into their work, knowing that there is some kind of support. A student will always remember the greatness of an amazing teacher. Even years from now, the impact of the teacher will value somewhere. Students will connect with at least one teacher on a deeper level. Therefore, every teacher will become at least one mentor and forever inspire a child to push themselves …show more content…
Many believe that athletes deserve every penny they have earned while playing. Millions of people idolize those athletes as if they are some type of god. Sports have genuinely become a major part of America. People from all around the world come to watch and play these games. The NFL has basically taken over Sunday’s and the NBA has everyone Stephen Curry crazed. Most athletes spend their whole life preparing themselves to make it to the top. Every year they are drafted from the top universities, hoping to play with their dream team. Yet, thousands of people still feel as if athletes are worth more than our educators. Because, many believe that teachers are doing are poor job with the nation’s youth. But, “The truth is more mundane. The incomes may be often excessive (more than is needed to entice people to run companies or play basketball) or even ‘Obscene’ (morally offensive)” (Frank and Cook). Many others believe “Even if we could raise teacher’s salaries by 10 or 15 percent the school’s basic problems would still remain”(Cornell and Cook ). Students still would not pay attention and the drop-out rate would remain the same. Sure, more people would start to enter the field of teacher. But, they would lack the effort to put into teaching knowing they would still be paid greatly. “Although there is a broad consensus that teacher salaries influence the

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