College Athletes Should Not Get Paid Essay

Argumentative Research Paper Outline

College athletes should not complain about not getting paid, they should be offered the option of a tuition or a salary. Not Both. People think that they should get paid because they are in college sports now. (Jones) Some say that they should because they could help with family situations. (Lemmons) Also because they should be giving them what they deserve. (Lemmons) Should College Athletes really get paid? They should not because they do not know how to manage money properly. (Lemmons) Another reason why they should not is because they already have enough and most athletes would most likely be there on a scholarship for the sport. (Jones) Going to college teaches you about further education, it is not about getting paid as a College Athlete. College Athletes expect way too much such as getting paid, but do not actually focus on school. It would defeat the purpose of going to school in the first place. “Not only do colleges
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College Athletes expect too much such as getting paid, but don’t actually focus on school. The athletes want money but if they were to get paid they wouldn’t show up to class and they would not know how to manage the money properly and not deal with the money in a childish type of way. The players want money but who is going to pay for everything else that they need to have? If they paid all of the athletes they would be paying a lot of money to all of those athletes. College athletes should not get paid because why should they in the first place? College is a place for further education and the students/ athletes should not have to worry about getting paid and even trying to pay every single athlete the same price for every single sport. If we were to pay the athletes where would all of the money be coming from and how would we pay everyone equally and also pay the coaches for the

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